31 National Geographic Photos | Inspiredology

20 08 2009

31 National Geographic Photos | Inspiredology.

Inspired in (Photography) by Andrew on July 23, 2009

National Geographic has been on the forefront of photography for over100 years. Their timeless images taken all over the world will live on as some of the best nature and human photography of all time.  The examples listed below are only from the past 3 years of National Geographic Magazine and are just a sample of some of the breathtaking images captured in the magazine.

All images courtesy of National Geographic Magazine


39 unbelievable Underwater Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind | ZME Science

19 08 2009

Written by Mihai Andrei

Wed, Jul 22, 2009

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First of all, I don’t know for sure if any of these are shopped in any way; underwater photography is really really different and personally I don’t know anybody who could sort me out with this, so if you’re sure some of these are fake, please let me know (also, if you know anything about that huge medusa, it would be really great if you shared). If you know of other such photographs, do share them with others.

via 39 unbelievable underwater pictures that will blow your mind | ZME Science.

Pictures From the Sky

18 08 2009

Pictures From the Sky

Here are some examples of wonderful aerial photography, dedicated to my dear friend Maureen who is a very talented aerial landscape artist…just for inspiration!

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Sony Handycam DCR SX40 Quality Test

17 08 2009

Recently my son Donny bought a new Sony Handycam. He needed a camera to film his YouTube video reviews with and decided to go with the DCR-SX40 model. This was the first film that he had taken with it. I think it turned out rather well, considering he didn’t own a tripod at the time.

Learning WordPress

17 08 2009

Today I decided to take a WordPress training course to learn how to use WordPress.

I signed up for a subscription on Lynda.com and I am taking the WordPress 2.7 Essential Training.

I am finding it to be quite simple to use and I believe that anyone without design experience can use this to create a blog.

I am finding the interface rather simple to follow.